Specialty Karate

Specialty Karate Classes

for Our Most Dedicated Students

Empire State Karate of Smithtown offers everything a student needs to challenge themselves and bring their karate skills to the next level. If you are one of our most dedicated students, you may ask for the opportunity to participate in extra classes that will hone your skills and perfect your technique.

Black Belt Club Classes

The ultimate goal for every karate student is Black Belt. If you are dedicated to achieving that goal, you may join our Black Belt Club. These dedicated students have earned the right to participate in specialty Kata, Weapons, and Sparring classes designed to perfect forms and techniques that will take them to the next level and ultimately to Black Belt and beyond.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes (MMA)

At Empire State Karate you can go beyond just learning karate. We also have specialty classes in Mixed Martial Arts - MMA. You'll learn submission moves, take-downs, defensive moves, counter attacks, and more so that you can be more versatile and feel more confident in your self-defense.

Demonstration Team Classes

If you're a performer then we have a spot for you. We have several  Demo Teams featuring different age groups from ages 3 to adult. Demo Teams will learn specialty routines that will be performed in front of parents and audiences at our monthly graduations, yearly Black Belt Graduation, mall demonstrations, local town fairs, and more.

Karate Competition Team

Students with a competitive spirit that are interested in competing in local karate tournaments may join our competition team. The competition team trains once per week with a focus on perfecting current skills, learning new skills, weapons training, sparring, and more.

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