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Karate for the Whole Family

Empire State Karate of Smithtown offers karate classes for the whole family from ages 3 and up. Each of our karate programs is designed for a specific age group so that students learn age appropriate material tailored to their mental and physical maturity levels and abilities.

Our karate class schedules are convenient and flexible and you are never locked into a specific time or day. That makes it easy for you to plan around a busy day or a changing schedule.

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Our Style: Shorin-Ryu


Shorin-Ryu is one of the major modern Okinawan martial arts and is one of the oldest styles of karate.

... learn more about Shorin-Ryu.

Karate fundamentals (ages 7-8).

Begin the path to Black Belt (ages 9+).

Learn MMA, perform on a Demo Team, perfect your skills and train for a competition.

Have your child do something different this summer. Each week of our Karate Summer Camp brings new and exciting adventures, learning experiences, physical activities, and fun. Your child will enjoy everything from beach days, picnics, and petting zoos to bowling, museums, nature walks, and more. Plus, every day ends with a karate class.

Reservations are by the week and there is limited space available... so book a spot before it fills up.

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Introduction to karate. Learn focus, attention, and karate basics (ages 3-6).

The path to Black Belt. Gain physical fitness, self-confidence, stress-relief

and more (ages 12+).

We pick up your child from school and bring them to the dojo for their karate class. You pick them up after work.

A fun and interactive karate birthday party for your child and their friends.

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At Empire State Karate

  • You can always see the goal...
    you're wearing it.

  • You can expect respect... every class.

  • You can count on a pat on the back...
    every class.

  • Your instructor wants YOU to win...
    every class.

  • You earn the right to be acknowledged...
    every class.

  • You never fail, you try again...
    every class.

  • You will hear your classmates cheering you on... every class.

ESK Instructors Provide

the Building Blocks for Success

  • Knowledge

  • Enthusiasm

  • Patience

  • Understanding

  • Compassion

  • Responsibility

  • Accountability

Empire State Karate builds winners

in the class and outside of the class

... one belt at a time.

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