Karate (ages 3-6)

Karate Classes

for Young Children (ages 3-6)

Empire State Karate in Smithtown is a family-oriented karate school with a very flexible class schedule that's just right for busy parents and kids.


Our PeeWee (3-4 years old) and Dragon (5-6 years old) karate programs for children focus on improving physical and mental development and skills.

Karate for 3 to 6 Year Old's

  1. Gross motor skills: Running around obstacles, hopping on two feet, using alternate feet repeatedly, kicking a pad forward, catching large items, balancing, falling properly, rolling and somersaults.

  2. Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination: Carrying and catching objects.

  3. Verbal skills are encouraged and practiced for graduation: Saying their first and last name, their age, their current rank, and their rank testing for.

  4. Intellectual skills: Understanding right from wrong. Practicing right and left. Focus and concentration. Encouraging them to observe and copy the motions of the karate instructor. Practice the concepts of time, like, "now", "soon", and "later".

  5. Classroom safety, social skills, and emotional development: Knowing right from wrong and following simple directions. Participating alongside other children, taking turns, cooperation and sharing with others.

Praise is important in this age group. Our instructors are trained not to criticize or point out failure. Instead, the P.C.P. method of teaching "Praise, Correct, Praise" is used.

The karate programs for young children at Empire State Karate will give them a solid foundation to build upon so they can move to the higher levels with confidence.

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